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my eyes are too big for my head
Hi, I want to look like this again right now please.
I loved that wind breaker so much and some loser stole it from a party. SO MAD. I BOUGHT IT IN NEW YORK(for like 10 bucks from H&M, BUT STILL.)
"I wish I was a cat becuase it would be like having a $10,000 in cash I would be rich my brother would get to collect all the hockey cards"
I wish it was still 1999 and I wish I still drew party hats on my 6’s. I still wish I was a cat.
i bought new plugs yesterday.
sandy feet
real sad becuase you guys don’t like asking me fun questions
4 days!
beach feet
my hair looks so stupid right now, can’t wait for it to grow out super long and beautiful.
once upon a time, 4 years ago, I had dreads!